17 June, 2024

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Facility for Change of Course will close on 9th November, 2022 for December 2022 TEE

3 November, 2022

Email from SRD:


I am directed to inform you to process of all pending requests for Change of Course/Elective by 9th November, 2022 becuase last date of filling of examination form for December, 2022 is 10th November, 2022. On 11th November, 2022, SRD will download the data for valid courses and forward it to the SED for integrating the same at the Examination Portal. The facility for changing the course will be blocked by the SRD on 11th Novemeber, 2022 and it will remain closed till the end of December, 2022 Term End Examination.


thanks and regards

Anita Dhall
Student Registration Division
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi