07 December, 2022

Regional Centre


Mr Pradip Kumar Rath

Assistant Registrar





Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Arts  (Hons)
Professional Qualification
Job Profile

1.      Responsibilities of DDO of RC, Bhubaneswar

2.      Monitoring of all activities relating to Finance & Accounts of RC and LSCs

3.      Looking after overall administration of the RC and LSCs

4.      Monitoring of attendance registers of staff and maintenance of leave records

5.      Monitoring of stock verification of RC and LSCs

6.      Monitoring of cashbook and ledger

7.      Preparation of monthly accounts, quarterly accounts and annual accounts

8.      Preparation of annual budget [BE and RE]

9.      Reconciliation of grants and fees

10.   Monitoring of recoveries and remittances to Headquarters

11.   Monitoring and deduction of income tax and TDS

12.   Maintenance and coordination  of legal  and labour  related cases

13.   Audit of LSCs

14.   Maintenance of service books of staff

15.   Making arrangements for orientation programmes, coordinators’ meetings, convocation and other academic activities

16.   Establishment of LSCs and RC

17.   All claims of staff of RC [LTC, medical, tuition fee, newspaper, telephone bill, etc]

18.   RTI related activities (reallocated as per RD's verbal order)

Any other activities assigned by the Regional Director from time to time


Regional Centre Bhubaneswar C-1,
Institutional Area,
Bhubaneswar 751 013,

  0674-2971071 [Intercom: 222]